Monstarlab indsamler kapital på 4,2 milliarder JPY

Feb 24, 2021


Tokyo, Japan – 7. august, 2020 –Monstarlab, et digitalt udviklingsbureau med fokus på banebrydende it-teknik og design, har indsamlet kapital for ca. 4,2 milliarder JPY i deres seneste finansieringsrunde, der sluttede juli 2020, gennem tredjepartsallokering af nye aktier med forsikringsgivere som Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd., Dentsu Innovation Partners Inc. og en saudiarabisk investor samt anden venturekapital, driftsselskaber, eksisterende aktionærer og finansielle institutioner.

De syv hovedopfindere, der garanterede kapitalforhøjelsen, var som følger

  • Japan Post Capital Co.,Ltd., 
  • Dentsu Innovation Partners Inc. 
  • Alpha Al Imteyaz Co. Limited Liability Company
  • Serverworks Co., Ltd.
  • FFG Venture Business Partners, Inc.
  • Skylight Consulting Inc.


Udtalelse fra Japan Post Capital

Shimpei Higuchi, Managing Director af Japan Post Capital, sagde, “With the diversification of consumer behavior and the penetration of digital devices, the trend to realize digital transformation is in full swing, and digital transformation is becoming an inevitable need for all companies to respond to the new behaviors of the COVID-19 epidemic. With its strength in agile development capabilities and global network, Monstarlab’s ability to deliver value quickly and continuously makes it a leading player in the digital transformation era. I look forward to continued growth under the strong management team led by the CEO: Hiroki Inagawa.”


Udtalelse fra Dentsu Innovation Partners med ansvar for at administrere Dentsu Digital Investment Limited Partnership

Junichiro Kubota, CEO af Dentsu Innovation Partners, sagde, “The Dentsu Group is feeling the growing demand of its clients for the digital transformation of their businesses. By combining the knowledge and expertise of Group companies such as Dentsu, Dentsu Digital and Dentsu Isobar with the planning, design and development capabilities of Monsterlab’s extensive experience, we will establish a competitive advantage and enhance our presence, mainly in the areas of application development and digital transformation”.


Udtalelse fra Sererworks

Ryo Ooishi, CEO af Serverworks, sagde, “In recent years, as the ICT environment has become increasingly diverse and complex, it has made it difficult for a single company to respond to customer needs by itself. We have already formed a business and capital alliance with Monstarlab, which has solid digital product development capabilities and a global footprint. We sincerely welcome this capital increase as it is expected to further accelerate the company’s business momentum. We aim to achieve sustainable growth with our customers by working together to support their diversifying needs and contribute to their digital transformation.”


Udtalelse fra FFG Venture Business Partners

Satoru Fukuda, CEO af FFG Venture Business Partners, sagde, “We are very pleased to be a new investor in Monstarlab. Monstarlab, with high quality digital consulting capability using the most advanced technology, is the best partner for their clients’ digital transformation departments. We hope that this funding will further strengthen its position as the world’s leading global sourcing company.”


Udtalelse from Skylight Consulting

Toshiki Habutsu, CEO af Skylight Consulting, sagde, “We have started a collaboration with Monstarlab by combining the strengths of both Monstarlab and Skylight Consulting. In the ’Enterprise digital transformation Implementation and Promotion’ space, we aim to propose and implement better digital transformation solutions for our clients. In the area of acceleration and growth support for start-ups, we are working to identify and support start-ups with ambitions for growth, including overseas expansion. We look forward to further collaboration and higher value in the future.”

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